Should There Be a Ban on Smartphones in School

Should There Be a Ban on Smartphones in School

Think of the phones of today’s generation; a small, extremely intelligent handheld computer with great speakers and an even better camera comes to mind. In addition to that, smartphones today do what seems to be the most important feature we look for, keep us connected to our social circles. With new smartphones launching every month (though it seems like every day), more and more technological advances are popping up all over. Smartphones have even now reached the hands of teens and young kids, adding fuel to the debate of whether there should be a ban on smartphones in school.

Most teens and young kids use smartphones for their basic features, not exactly consistent with the needs of those of working people or adults. For the most part, they play games, chat, listen to music and make/receive calls, but this is starting to change as kids are using them more. Many parents provide cell phones to kids as a way to stay in touch with them and for security/safety reasons, but it is becoming more popular and almost normal to see teens and young kids carrying their smartphones to school.

Some believe that school systems should be run on the ideals of learning and discipline, and phones should never be a part of that with the exception of the use of dictionaries and calculators on them. On the contrary, others feel that smartphones offer a wide range of educational tools for teens and young kids to utilize such as recording lessons, homework reminders, etc. Also, kids can use the internet on them to look up projects, login to online portals, transfer documents from school to home, and more.

Though they offer huge advantages, they also offer disadvantages as well; a simple example is that use of a smartphone can be a huge distraction in the classroom for many students. It hinders students from paying attention to teachers and can even affect other students. Many teens and young kids that carry smartphones secretly play games under their desks or chat with their friends in class.

Apart from that, there are always growing numbers of reports of cheating on tests through smartphones. Typically, there is pressure on students to get good grades in school and smartphones allow them to take the easy route by using the internet to locate quick answers. Teens and young kids are also now using mobile phones to bully other students either by making comments, funny videos or taking inappropriate photos.

Students carry their mobile smartphones with the permission of their parents. That makes it even harder for school administrators to ban them from being used. Even if they allow kids to utilize them only on certain terms, there is no guarantee they will follow the rules like turning phones off during class. So the debate is still ongoing.

The future of teens and young kids is more secure in the hands of their parents, so sometimes parents have to take matters into their own hands. Parents can keep track of their children’s mobile activities with Mobile Spy, an excellent smartphone monitoring software. This software works in complete stealth mode to monitor activities such as call log info, SMS text messages, websites visited, GPS locations, chat conversations and much more features and options. With the Mobile Spy software, parents can also lock/unlock the monitored device remotely to ensure teens and young kids are not using the smartphone at times they are not supposed to.

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  1. Rosi P. says:

    banning phones in school is going a little too far, but I get the concept


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