Teen Tech Dangers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Teen Tech Dangers [INFOGRAPHIC]

We live in a very high tech society today, and our teens and young kids are growing up as little technical experts, especially when it comes to their beloved smartphones, tablets and a host of other mobile gadgets. Thanks to new high tech devices, the way teens communicate with one another has also changed dramatically. Today, 93% of teens go online, and 80% of them are using various social networking sites to interact with friends, family and other.

Parents are now finding it more and more difficult to keep tabs on their teens to ensure whatever they are doing online, they are doing it safely and responsibly.

The following inforgraphic on TEEN TECH DANGERS illustrates just how much teens are using today’s high tech devices and what the majority of them are using them for. Thankfully, parents are finding solutions and different ways to keep track of what their teens are doing online in an attempt to keep them safe and sound in their high tech virtual world.

PhoneSheriff smartphone monitoring and filtering software for parentsFor the full-resolution version of this infographic, click here.

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