What is SniperSpy Mac Remote Monitoring Software?

SniperSpy Mac Remote Monitoring SoftwareAre you worried how others might use your Mac OS X computer? Expose the truth behind the lies! SniperSpy is the only software that allows you to secretly watch your Macintosh like a television! Login from ANYWHERE using another computer, smartphone or iPad.

After you install this program onto the Mac you wish to monitor, it begins silently recording everything they do online. This program CAN be installed remotely by sending an email and having the remote user open a file. The program then uploads user activities and sends the data to your online account. You login to your account SECURELY to view logs using your own password-protected login.

View the screen LIVE and see everything they do online in real time! Browse the file system, view chats, websites, keystrokes and more, with screenshots. You can also access the LIVE control panel within your secure online account to perform live monitoring functions.

  • Live Screen Viewer

  • Websites Visited

  • Chat Transcripts

  • Keystrokes Typed

Check out what this actual customer had to say ...

""Within 18 hours of installing SniperSpy, I confirmed my suspicions AND I have the hard evidence to prove it! THANKS SNIPERSPY."

- Name omitted by request...

Why would I need SniperSpy Mac?

Do you suspect your child or employee of inappropriately using your Macintosh computer? If yes, then this software is ideal for you. SniperSpy Mac gives you all the tools you need to effectively monitor all activities in stealth. The new content filtering features allow you to block websites, applications, chat messengers and control the times that the Mac computer can be used.

Child Monitoring

This hybrid monitoring software allows you to see exactly what your child or teenager is doing during their Internet sessions. Are they visiting inappropriate websites? Are they conversing with predators? Now you'll know for sure. View everything they do on Facebook, MySpace and elsewhere in real time. View text logs of chats, websites, webcom snapshots, keystrokes and more - with screenshots!

Employee Monitoring

Millions of websites are visited on company time during each workday. This stolen time can hurt your company's bottom line. If your company is worried about Mac Internet abuse, our software is for you. Now you'll know EXACTLY how your employees are spending their time and will have proof to back it up. You can watch activities LIVE or view logged results at a later time.

Check out what this actual customer had to say ...

""Thanks to your product I have peace of mind whenever I travel, wherever I go. It's been a very helpful tool to keep these young guys on the right track."

- Frisco in San Diego...

Which activities can I monitor?

After installation, the software will start silently recording and uploading activities to your private control panel. You can login anytime from any location to view the following results without connecting to the monitored computer.

  • Actual Screenshots
  • Websites Visited
  • Surrounding Audio
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Location Mapping
  • Full Chat Conversations
  • Applications Executed
  • Application Durations
  • Auto File Uploads
  • File / Folder Changes
  • Pasteboard Activity
  • Get Reports Emailed

Which LIVE commands are included?

SniperSpy Mac is the ONLY software that gives you an additional LIVE control panel to silently monitor and control the computer instantly . View the screen LIVE, watch keystrokes as their typed, browse the entire file system and more!

  • View the Screen LIVE
  • View LIVE Keystrokes
  • Webcam Snapshot
  • Browse the File System
  • View System Processes
  • Send User a Message
  • Launch Application
  • Run Screensaver
  • Logoff User
  • Restart Mac
  • Shutdown Mac

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System Requirements
SniperSpy Mac works with all Macintosh makes and models running
Mac OS X v10.6 to v10.9.
Also available for Windows computers.

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This monitoring software is for use on a Macintosh you own or have proper consent to monitor. You must check and follow all laws regarding use of this type of software in your situation and location.