SniperSpy Mac Screenshots

SniperSpy Mac helps parents monitor and restrict their child's Mac computer activities. Parents should view their child's computer activities to be equipped to prevent trouble. When you install SniperSpy onto your child's computer that you own and have proper consent to monitor, you can view the activities and set restrictions using your own online control panel.

The screenshots below will help you to understand more clearly about SniperSpy Mac.

View the Full Screen LIVE    [ View Screenshot ] 

By far the most effective feature of the application, the LIVE screen viewer allows you to see the entire screen of your Mac in real time. The screen is rapidly updated so you can watch it without interaction.
keystrokes Logs   [ View Screenshot ] 

While the Logger runs, it logs all keystrokes in real-time of the active window. You will see the date, time, username, application and the keystrokes. All keystrokes are inserted to your online control panel for later viewing or printing.
Website Visited    [ View Screenshot ] 

Displays all websites visited on the Mac. Here, the date and time, title of the page, the username of who viewed the site, and the web address of each and every page viewed and logged.
Clipboard Logs   [ View Screenshot ] 

The Clipboard logs will bring you all the details of what they copy and paste on the Macintosh. It will provide you with time/date info, title of the window, location of the file and computer name.
Facebook Monitoring  [ View Screenshot ] 

This feature will enable you to view your child's Facebook activities like private messages, comments, photos shared online and status.
Profanity Alert Logs   [ View Screenshot ] 

This capability of SniperSpy Mac allows you to see the profane keywords encountered during monitoring. It contains time/date, keyword logged, Windows Title, username and actual screenshot view.
Social Media Filter   [ View Screenshot ] 

The social media filter helps parents control their child's social networking activities by blocking the social sites that you select. Plus reducing access to such websites by employees will ensure that they are concentrating on their work.
User Activity Logs    [ View Screenshot ] 

Displays your child's activity logs such as start, restart, shutdown, logoff, lock, etc. It includes time/date, type of activity and username.
App Filter  [ View Screenshot ] 

This capacity of SniperSpy allows you to view all the running application on the Macintosh and you can block any of those apps (processes) that you deem inappropriate or a time- waste.
Chat Messenger Logs    [ View Screenshot ] 

All instant messaging (IM) messages that are logged are displayed here. Each log contains a time stamp, the application name, the actual message itself, and the username.
Chat Filter  [ View Screenshot ] 

The program comes with chat filtering feature to block popular chat applications like Yahoo messenger, Skype, ICQ manager, Paltalk, Gtalk, Windows Live Messenger, AIM messenger and Trillion Messenger.
Browse Files  [ View Screenshot ] 

The Live Control Panel allows you to browse the drives and files on your child's Mac. It contains details like drive section, drive name, Type, File System, total used space and free available space information.
Web Filter  [ View Screenshot ] 

Now you can issue black and whitelist (allowed and blocked) websites with SniperSpy Mac. The software has a neat option to add whitelist and blacklist and also an option where only selected whitelist websites can be accessed.
Time Control  [ View Screenshot ] 

One of the other super useful features is time control that allows you to set time limits for your child to access the Macintosh. The time control component provides you with day, start time, end time and delete/edit details.
Actual Screenshots  [ View Screenshot ] 

The SniperSpy Mac application allows you to choose how often you want to log screenshots of your child's Mac screen (log interval), play slideshow of the screenshots, and expand images for full view and also a check box to select particular screenshot.
Top Ten Report [ View Screenshot ] 

This section contains the top 10 of each particular log type, such as the top 10 URLs visited or applications ran. The charts displayed can be displayed as a column, pie, doughnut, or line chart.
System Requirements
SniperSpy Mac works with all Macintosh makes and models running
Mac OS X up to v10.11.x.
Also available for Windows computers.

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This monitoring software is for use on a Macintosh you own or have proper consent to monitor. You must check and follow all laws regarding use of this type of software in your situation and location.